Creative projects

This section is dedicated to FuoriFormat, the special and creative projects unit of the agency. Inside you will find the best creative case histories,publishing projects and all "unconventional" solutions
in terms of communication and planning. Of course, any solution is not standard
and requires active participation by the development team so after browsing inside the section and having an idea, all you have to do is contact us.

Kia Summer checkUp 2019
Video Branded Content Grana Padano
Video Branded Content Ferrari Collection
Video Print Native by FuoriFormat
Best of FuoriFormat 2019
KIA case history 2018 - fuoriformat
MCARTHUR GLEN Un'estate di meraviglie - fuoriformat
MINI - LINEA ARANCIONE - fuoriformat
MimmoNorris - Fiat Professional - Web Series - Fuoriformat
Fiat Professional Fullback - 707 Triathlon team - Branded Content - FuoriFormat
Case History - SEAT Ateca - AtecaStars - fuoriformat
SAMSUNG S7 Edge - Calling Teodorf - fuoriformat
FORMAGGI DALLA SVIZZERA - Cheese & Chef - fuoriformat
MARTINI - Williams Martini Racing - fuoriformat
IVECO DAKAR - the hardest race in the world - fuoriformat
JeepLife - BRANDED CONTENT - fuoriformat
OPEL ADAM - Adam&Summer - fuoriformat
DACIA - Sponsor Day - fuoriformat
TWIZY - Ride the trend - fuoriformat
TIMBERLAND'S WOMEN - fuoriformat