Classified - Legal

The term Legal Advertising refers to all those announcements that are published by the Public Administrations and by the subjects that operate for them in compliance with legal terms, in order to make transparent and 'public' acts and procedures, and by the Courts above all to the the purpose of making sales of movable and immovable property more effective to protect the interests of executives, credit institutions, buyers and therefore the community. In addition to being an instrument of administrative transparency (and a guarantee for institutions and the community), Legal Advertising is also an instrument of administrative effectiveness, as it is aimed at encouraging the best match between the request of the contracting and the business offer. A P.A. that is able to guarantee the administrative effectiveness, the quality of services offered. Legal Advertising therefore also represents a legitimization strategy for the public body, an effective tool to improve and consolidate its image, to make the relationship with citizens more stable. Manzoni has recently acquired also the advertising concession of the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic (“GURI”). The relative rates are available at the following link: