A.Manzoni & C. è una innovation multimedia company, focalizzata nel mondo della comunicazione e della pubblicità.
Azienda del Gruppo GEDI, uno dei gruppi editoriali italiani più rilevanti, è una piattaforma di soluzioni di comunicazione che si distingue per un approccio tailor made verso il mercato e orientato ai risultati.

A. Manzoni & C. S.p.A., in order to ensure even better honesty and transparency in both company and business management, has implemented a model of organization, management and control (Organizational Model) in compliance with its own business policy, according to the Decree 231/2001 and the Guidelines issued by the Italian Industrial Federation.

The adoption of this Model, along with the Code of Conduct and the establishment of an internal security system ("Vigilance Body") – beyond the rules in the Decree which define the Model itself as elective not mandatory – is considered as an efficient awareness tool for each and every employee of the Company, or everyone working for and on behalf of Manzoni or under its management and control (clients, suppliers, partners, various collaborators). The Model is intented to let the workers behave properly in order to prevent the risk of violations expected by the Decree.

Here attached a copy of the document approved by the Board on April 16th 2015

Organizational Model and Code of Conduct